Steph and Sean // A backyard surprise wedding!

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Everyone thought they were invited to celebrate Stephanie and Sean's engagement in a suburban backyard when I showed up to Sean's parent's house on a Saturday afternoon in February. I tried my best to look as non-wedding-photographersque (yep, I made that word!) as possible, tip-toed around and didn't dare speak to anyone in case I'd spill the beans, because I happened to know the truth. An hour into the party, Steph's brother jumped up on a box and announced their surprise wedding.

Do I even have to say this day was pretty special? Firstly, I think Steph and Sean are amongst the lovliest people on the planet. Secondly, to see the faces of grandmas, uncles and friends light up when they realised what they were in for that night, that was just beautiful! 
Thirdly - I got unlimited access to a table full of crackers and cheese for almost five hours. That's really all I need to stay happy for a very long time. 

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