Hi! I'm Ine, and I'm the gal behind Petrichor & Pine. I'm a wedding photographer (...obviously) based between Bergen, Norway and Melbourne, Australia. Whilst I’ve had an exciting love affair with Melbourne over the past few years, Bergen has my heart. It's where I was born, and probably where I'll end up when I'm old and want to be a crazy cat lady for the rest of my days. In the mean time, I go where my work takes me, and I love it!

My favorite thing is the smell of rain (in fact, so much that I named my business after it - did you know petrichor means the smell of rain?). I've read every single Harry Potter book 13 times, in several different languages, and I can tell you what the scar across Dumbledore's left knee looks like (it's a map of the London underground), but I still insist that I'm not a geek. I'm married - yay! -to my highschool sweetheart, and he's just as weird as he is wonderful. Right now, we live in Bergen after - impulsively - spending the past 2,5 years in Melbourne. Our time there resulted in an uncontrollable urge to call everyone "mate", amazing friendships, and a very confused concept of home, because we feel like we belong on both sides of the world at the same time. 



I firmly believe that a personal connection with my couples make a big difference. I want to hang out with you, get to know you, learn what makes you tick. What your favourite books are. I want to hear about the moment you realized you were in love.

Wedding photography shouldn’t be about that one posed portrait for your grandma’s living room wall. It should be about the moments, the feelings, your bond and your love. About the messy, flustered, emotional, beautiful imperfections. The tears of joy and the laughs that make it hard to breathe. Uncensored emotions, heartfelt connections, the big moments, the loud ones, the small moments, and all the in-betweens. If you're not into any of that, and if you're looking for "perfect", then I'm just not quite right for you.

But! If you're into getting drenched in the ocean, hike to a mountain top or go craft beer hunting for your engagement shoot, take your shoes off in the woods and roll around in tall grass whilst telling each other "yo mama"-jokes untill you cry/laugh/pee a little, if you're into my photos and my approach to photography, and if you're madly, crazily, forevery into each other, we'll be great together.

I approach every wedding with the same attitude; to do a better job than I've ever done before. I don't care if you're thin or round, tall or short, if your dress came from a coutore designer or from your local second-hand store. I don't care if your venue is a castle or a backyard, if you've got three guests or three hundred. All I care about capturing your wedding day in all its beauty, and preserving those memories for you forever. 


 Enough about me - let's talk about you

You want your wedding photos to be natural, joyful and un-cheesy. You're probably a little weird. You love each other passionately, and you're not afraid to show it. You whisper I love you more often than you do dishes or vacuum your sofa. You throw traditions to the wind because you know your love is unique and can't be put in a box. Or you embrace those very same traditions because they truly mean something to you, and that's just as great. You know that love is love no matter what form it comes in, and you celebrate it with joy and wine and the occasional wedding flash mob.

Most importantly, you're bloody excited to marry the person of your dreams.